How do I dispose of roots?
Roots can be disposed of at the Recycling Center compost bin during Recycling Center hours.

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1. If Holidays fall on my regular garbage and recycling collection day, when does my garbage get collected?
2. Why didn't ADVANCE crews pick up my mattress, couch, dresser, etc... which I put out with my regular garbage?
3. Why didn't I receive Recycling and Garbage Carts from the city when I moved into my newly constructed home?
4. How do I pay for garbage and recycling collection?
5. If I live in the Towns of Hartford or Erin and my address is "Hartford" can I drop off items at the City's Recycling Center?
6. Why didn't they pick up my discarded pumpkins with my garbage?
7. How do I dispose of roots?
8. Can I rent the city's trailer for $20.00 to dispose of remodeling refuse or construction debris?
9. Can I mix recycling items in the recycling cart?
10. Can I use the solid waste sticker for curbside pickup of appliances?
11. Can I drop off items at the Recycling Center anytime other than during Recycling Center hours?
12. How do I dispose of unused paint?
13. How late will they be picking up leaves curbside in the fall?
14. How can I dispose of remodeling, construction or demo debris?