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Doing business in Hartford makes sense – it’s a place you can live and work. The workforce is skilled, motivated by a tight knit community of educators, governments, and industries. Tapping into the flow is easy as the HADC supports you through all stages, from acquisition through construction to long-term strategic support. Learn more about us, search our available properties, contact us. We’re looking forward to it.

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We are your resource; now & later

Business owners, big and small, know that success isn’t always a smooth path. That’s why we’re looking out for you, both now and into the future. Growth-oriented entrepreneurial companies and industries benefit from our numerous support services, assistance programs and expansive network of connections. Whether you need finance and funding alternatives or a long-term strategy ensuring stability over time, we’re here to help. The HADC works with business organizations, governments, and you to create a fertile environment for business to thrive.

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